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Category: Settlement

Experts a Valuable Resource in Hurricane Damage Insurance Litigation

Years after Hurricane Rita, which hit in September 2005, those who have had their homes damaged are still dealing with cleaning up the wreckage and rebuilding. Litigation involving insurance companies is still particularly prominent. One couple from Lake Charles, Louisiana knows about this type of litigation all too well. The couple had homeowners insurance through […]

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Dispute With Former Attorney Provides Example of Appeal Process

Disputes involving attorneys can be inherently complicated and require a significant amount of legal wrangling to settle. The issue at hand in this post comes from a case heard in the Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit of Louisiana. The plaintiffs, Jill and Claud Brown, brought a case against their attorney Mr. Lehman. Mr. […]

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Summary Judgment Granted in Uninsured Motorist Dispute

Vehicle collisions are difficult in of themselves but when they involve an insurance dispute, they can be considerably daunting. One recent case involving an accident in dispute helps illustrate this further. In this case, Broussard and Brandy Oppenheimer live together with a child, but are unmarried. Broussard was driving Oppenheimer’s vehicle when he was rear-ended […]

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Injuries Realized After Settlement Fail to Receive Compensation

Settlement agreements are compromises between two people or companies that face a lawsuit. Their purpose is to avoid the high costs and extensive time involved in taking a case to trial. These settlements, however, include terms that require careful consideration before signing. In the case of Montgomery v. Montgomery, Chad was trimming a tree on […]

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