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Category: FEMA

Louisiana Residents With Personal Injury Questions

For those Louisiana residents, whether you live in Lake Charles, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Kentwood or any other of the great cities across this state, looking for more information on their possible personal injury claim, check out our blog dedicated to these legal matters: Louisiana Personal Injury Blog This blog discusses the legal issues […]

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Deadline for FEMA assistance for home elevation extended

Per The Times-Picayune, FEMA has delayed the deadline to 2012 for collecting insurance money designated for the elevation and protection of homes in Louisiana: Because of the slow flow of other federal money, such as Road Home grants, FEMA had already pushed back the deadline for home-raising work under the National Flood Insurance Program’s Increased […]

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Texas Insurance Companies Going Under: What to do?

As highlighted in recent articles regarding insurance companies going out of business and leaving policy owners “out in the cold”, it is important to know what to do in the event your policy provider goes out of business. While making whatever repairs necessary to keep your home in shape, and documenting closely the expenses, it […]

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Governor Perry Urges FEMA Extend Aid Deadline

Texas Governor Rick Perry has requested that FEMA waive or extend the deadline for FEMA aid to those whose lives have been disrupted by Hurricane Ike. KFDM reports: Gov. Rick Perry has requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) waive, or extend for 180 days, the deadline to file proof of loss requirements for flood […]

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Hurricane Ike FEMA deadline approaching

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s fourth extension of time for individuals in Texas affected by Hurricane Ike created a new deadline of February 20th for claims to be made. This, in light of the fact 90% of applicants who have submitted applications as of late were considered ineligible by FEMA. Texas Governor Rick Perry requested […]

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