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Category: Drunk Driving/DUI

Uninsured Drivers Can Affect Payouts in Car Accidents

If hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist while at work, an employer’s insurance may not cover the damage. While everyone in Louisiana who has a liability policy is required to have uninsured motorists coverage, they can receive an exception by signing a waiver. This can leave accident victims in the dust with tons of […]

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Court of Appeals Affirms Policyholder’s Rejection of UMBI Coverage

The Second Circuit Court of Appeal recently affirmed the rejection of Uninsured Motorist coverage from his mother’s automobile insurance, effectively denying him that kind of coverage for an accident where he was hit by another driver. 21-year-old Michael Tillman was driving his 1995 Dodge Ram pickup truck when he was struck from behind by Tommy […]

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LA Supreme Court Disregards Exclusion for Automobile Business in Liability Policy

The Louisiana Supreme Court decided a case recently which undercuts a major exclusion of many automobile insurance policies because it conflicts with what the State Legislature announced was in the best interest of the public. Many such policies contain various exclusions from coverage, including the one litigated over here: automobile business. Sensebe v. Canal involved […]

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Interpreting Insurance Policies: What does a Term really Mean?

Insurance policy terms may appear to be easily understandable and concise. However, the interpretation a lay person may give to an insurance policy agreement’s meaning versus a court’s interpretation of the same policy, may substantially differ. It is true that under Louisiana law, words in a contract are presumed to have the plain and ordinary […]

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Court Hears Appeal Regarding Alleged Insurance Company Delays

In a variety of states, including Louisiana, penalties are imposed on insurers who arbitrarily or capriciously fail to pay a claim. If an insurer behaves in a manner that could be construed as being in “bad faith,” they will face a host of possible penalties. Specifically, the insurer has duties to fulfill, such as paying […]

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New Drunk Driving Law Further Penalizes Repeat Offenders

Drinking and driving is a problematic issue, one which has been aggressively confronted in order to prohibit repeat offenders from getting back on the road. On August 15, 2010, House Bill by Republican representative from LaPlace, Nickie Monica, went into effect and will cause substantial changes for second time DWI offenders in the state of […]

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